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Our Pride.

At Hinton Rafting Adventures we pride ourselves in training future generations of outdoors enthusiasts. Our core staff are all current college students taking professional outdoor adventure programs. These programs give students professional instruction and experience before heading out into the workforce. Our guides are highly trained in school and within our localized training programs at Hinton Rafting Adventures. the bond between students and experience-based training is a fundamental relationship to advance these future adventure professionals. HRA is a proud supporter of these higher education programs.

Chris Sorenson
Owner. Guide.

Chris Sorenson is the owner/guide and a local Hinton resident working in the area since 2005. Chris's passion to be on the river made HRA a priority for Hinton. Chris is an Algonquin College Graduate from the Outdoor Adventure Program. His background was extensive with canoe, kayak, rafting, rescue and safety instructing as key elements of his passion to be outside. Chris managed different rafting companies over the past 10 years and has chosen Hinton to start his own venture in. Chris is a swift water, ropes, ice, cliff, flood and helicopter rescue instructor in the area and teaches these programs in his free time. This is a dream come true for Chris as he can showcase Hinton's beauty to every person willing to take the adventure with him. He is a community minded individual who want to put Hinton on the map as a destination. This is the first of many expansions he plans to bring to Hinton in the next few years.

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